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We're excited to tell you more about this major, radically-different approach to cancer - based on our exclusive R&D, known as XLII®, and a whole new way of thinking.

XLII® is a groundbreaking New Paradigm of Medicine, led by Dr. Concorde, who from the forefront of Science & Medicine, has for 30+ years strategically devised & developed radically-new clinical solutions.

Paraoncology® is the specialised transduction of XLII® into the cancer treatment environment, where we aim to create 'exceptional' outcomes which are meaningful & valuable on an individual basis.


Paraoncology is an unparalleled, comprehensive portfolio of approaches aiming to maximise the chances that a GIVEN INDIVIDUAL will survive, then thrive, with A GIVEN CANCER, & during & beyond cancer treatment...


Uniquely targeting multiple facets of the whole 'cancer and individual scenario':

taking an all-encompassing, innovative strategic approach for each individual, that capitalises on all that we now know about how cancer works, and what makes an individual more or less likely to overcome it.


With the specific intentions** of:

> Greater facilitation of wellbeing & health during mainstream medical treatments for cancer (deliberately countering expected or experienced negative effects which stand to reduce treatment efficacy, or interfere with optimal dosing schedules, of mainstream oncology)

> Potentiation of mainstream chemotherapeutics directly or indirectly through synergism, or by aiming to influence the relevant tumour dynamics, or factors relating to the tumour microenvironment, via pharmacodynamics, or pharmacokinetics - including pharmacogenomics - or other parameters relevant to the 'host's' (patient's) bio-physiological 'backdrop' & constitution (in consultation with the patient's oncologists, as indicated)

> Addressing key factors relevant to the ensuing quality or quantity of life of the recipient of cancer treatments / an individual patient who has had the experience of cancer


> AND most crucially, the uniquely-comprehensive targeting of:

* A plethora of parameters of cancer growth & dynamics, aiming for direct multiple & multi-faceted anti-tumour actions (of which there may be hundreds, while mainstream medicine only targets say 2 or 3)... which translates into, aiming to 'not give the tumour any wiggle-room' & 'not allow it to snidely transmute & sneakily escape the pressures on it to stay dormant - or better still, cease to exist'

* Myriad individual factors appertaining to whether a given cancer is able to be 'successful' in a given 'host' (of which there are thousands, with mainstream medicine targeting usually none)... which essentially means looking to give the individual bio-physiological 'superpowers' exactly of the type they need to defy & defeat this cancer in them.



Well, a large part of that is the XLII® IP - the what to target, how to target, what to use, when & why, in what way, how long for, why in one individual & not another, what is a top strategy in one person but not another with a seemingly identical (from a mainstream perspective) cancer, why with this cancer and not that one.

BUT feeding into our unique algorithms is precise extensive determination through specialist testing of the individual & of the cancer, including encyclopaedic genetic & genomic analysis of both.



Anyone we consider can benefit from our unique approach. Which in theory could be almost anyone with cancer, but we have a system for determining who is most likely to attain the greatest advantages of our system over anything else that could be available to them* (beyond mainstream 'standard of care' protocols), including the stage and grade of their cancer, but most notably many individual factors pertinent to them.

We do not though encourage patients to contact us just because they have run out of options & when they believe they have run out of time. Paraoncology® is an intensive & arduous, meticulous work-up of science - not magic...

*We work strictly alongside mainstream medicine, or when your main oncological avenues have hit a wall. We do not ever accept patients who have gone against the advice of their oncologists and are simply seeking something 'less toxic' than chemo. 



'Target-Identified Natural Compounds Clusters', known as TINCCs™, generated via an elaborate system of 'triangulation' & 'mapping' & aggregated according to XLII® IP.  TINCCs™ are determined by interrogation of a multitude of individual '-ologies' & '-omics' but are, especially, comprehensively multi-specific to the genetic profile generated for your individual tumour.

The cancer science we use is up-to-the-minute, & the methodology for using it, cutting edge. But to be clear, we are NOT oncologists, and do not prescribe any pharmaceuticals - Paraoncology® is something entirely else. Our methodology is sophisticated & highly evolved, permitting a new application of science, & the multi-dimensional systematization of clinical & analytical data in devising your TINCCs™.  The science dictating what we choose & why is immense. And we have very deliberate, specific aims & intentions in formulating your TINCCs™ Programme - but we do NOT make any claims & are not a substitute for oncology.

We work strictly on the basis that you are adhering absolutely to what your oncologist says you need, be that active intervention, or 'watchful waiting' (surveillance). Our work is devised & predicated on the crucial premise of their work being the pre-requisite, with ours alongside (or after). This is a different brand of adjuvant ambition, for which, in part, we are aiming to accentuate, & leverage, your oncologist's vital input, for greater individual gains (& indeed lower individual losses). 



With the explosion of genetic/genomic, multi-omic, molecular science, cellular science, innumerable dimensions & systems of bioscience, & neuroscience, over the past two decades, there is now the opportunity for inordinate specificity, individualization and precision potential in medicine.

However, the entire mainstream postulation of Precision Oncology & Personalization in Onco-therapeutics, while welcome, is extremely limited & indeed limiting in its conception, in our view, compared with what could be achieved if we re-examine the paradigm that these are evolving from rather more fundamentally, & shake off the constraints that failure to do so is carrying forward, in error (our view), into this whole new domain. XLII® does that - it is a paradigm for precision & personalization like no other, 'unshackled' by boxed-up traditional thinking.



Mainstream approaches use literally a minuscule amount of science from all that is known because the translational medicine paradigm is somewhat defunct.

In addition, mainstream approaches lag many years - decades - behind the science, while using XLII® we can design translations from science de novo, individual by individual, without requiring direct precedents. Using our novel & groundbreaking XLII® Paradigm, we can devise ‘the ultimate’ individuated deployment of existing science into personally-unique programmes - which capitalises on the inordinate wealth of new science (providing it meets inclusion criteria) and all of science. 

Since the individual programmes are determined 'in situ' from science, based on our dynamic, algorithmically-driven XLII® Paradigm, triangulated against the very specific features and profile of both the individual, and their cancer, it is possible to achieve progress whatever the level of availability of prior patients with a given cancer type, and no matter how rare the cancer.



Or indeed how do we know that our approach 'works', given that the XLII® paradigm is not based on specific precedents, is new, & different?

**Well, first of all, it is a paradigm that is {effective as a system for reproducibly producing de novo programmes, for individuals, that rise to the challenges that we have set for them}. If it were not you can be certain we would have worked tirelessly to make it so (as we have), or focused on something quite else.

**Yet you can also be sure we will NOT make any specific assertions. And we do NOT either make any claims as to the *overall efficacy of our approach. NOR will we be baited into predicting how successful it could be for you.

THIS IS BECAUSE - what matters is how successful your XLII Programme actually proves to be FOR YOU. As yet, in our paradigm, we can only know that 'it works', when we see, after the fact, that it is 'working'.

Therefore we diligently monitor how effective it is *for *you, via numerous parameters, of many different types, but most importantly, with ongoing sophisticated cancer tests.

This includes options for multi-coordinate / multi-dimensional probes of genetic material released by cancer cells into our patient's blood, and regular assessment of Circulating Tumour Cells (CTCs) for both numbers and genomic alterations. Possibly the most valid, meaningful, unflinching, rigorous way of finding out if 'we are winning' - keeping abreast with the cancer's 'success' & specific molecular behaviour - and enabling a specific reactive response to the dynamic profile of that cancer, if it appears we are not.

And with that, we are working to a level of interrogation & actionable insight, that you do not even attain in mainstream medicine, where the tests for your cancer load, for example, are generally quite 'broadbrush', except where viable biomarkers are measured/able, which we can also test ourselves. Biomarkers are invaluable tools but mainstream medicine generally uses them to measure disease activity (quantitative analysis), but not as a means of generating 'alerts' as to any specific / changing genetic composition of that cancer (further in-depth qualitative analysis). However, we can also assay our patient's disease-relevant biomarkers for pathogenic, or indeed favourable, genetic alterations, including mutations, and if possible, react accordingly.

So even if we find CTC numbers spuriously rising, or if the tumour appears to have started becoming more 'rampant' and/or is showing potentially concerning genomic alterations, or a greater frequency of certain mutant alleles, we will know long before any other normal measure would have alerted you...

AND armed with that up-to-the-moment cancer genetic profile, we can run the XLII® work-up-to-individual-treatment-programme sequence again, to generate a new programme based on the new profile. Impressively ahead of the curve.



If you want to find out whether this new approach to tackling cancer might help you, please email us.



Dr Alex is proud & honoured to have been appointed Medical Director of the Childhood Cancer Research Trust. We are deeply grateful to the CCRT for funding our further research with a near-to-middle term aim of improving both the experience and outcomes of children with cancer, and their families, using an extension of the 'new knowledge' we hold right now. Please support us if you can... Thank you!